////AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite

AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite

R19,988 R15,988


AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite

Effortlessly unwind in this breathtakingly beautiful AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite. Living room furniture that knows exactly what you need. Deep comfort exudes from this stylish sofa and loveseat duo that reclines along with your body’s curves as you sink into bliss. With hardwood engineered frames and thick palomino suede upholstery, the AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite gives you support as you lay back to watch a movie or socialize after a long day. Dacron-wrapped foam with pillow-topped cushions, envelope arms, and extended lumbar back support make the AL013 Recliner Lounge Suite is a comforting force to be reckoned with.

  • 5 Action recliner 
  • Thick Palomino Suede
  • Pocket Coil Seating
  • Enveloped Arms
  • Smooth, suede-finished
  • Grey with Brown colour