////ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner

ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner

R7,988 R4,988


ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner

The ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner is tailored with premium upholstery and high-grade durable foams to provide years of postural support, comfort and safety. The ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner can be positioned closer to walls due to its subtle forward movement, thereby making the best use of your living space. For stand-up support and reclining comfort, the ARF010 Power Lift-Up Recliner will surpass your lifestyle and home convenience expectations.

  • Large side pocket for convenient
  • Brown Velvet Fabric
  • Mobility Ready – A set of 4 swivel castors
  • Safe working Load 125kg
  • High-quality foam upholstery and steel frame for increased durability and postural support.


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