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G15262 Clear Glass Office Desk

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G15262 Clear Glass Office Desk

This modern G15262 Clear Glass Office Desk is the perfect addition to your home office or bedroom. Featuring a bent glass design with clear plastic protectors on the corners of the legs to help protect your floors. With no assembly required, this desk is ready to use straight out of the box. WARNING: Risk of Shatter Associated with Glass Furniture. In rare instances, tempered glass furniture that is damaged by chips or scratches may break, seemingly of its own accord. Damage to the glass (not always visible) can get worse over time until it reaches a critical point when it may shatter. In the event of damage, this product is designed to shatter into lots of small granular pieces rather than large shards. This is a safety feature to reduce the risk of injury.

  • Includes: (1) Desk
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • 1200x700x750

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Dimensions 1200 × 700 × 750 mm


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